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Broken & Leaking Pipe Repair

If you need to repair a broken pipe leaking water all over your Fort Collins home or business, you may end up with a big mess and even bigger repair bills on your hands if it is not quickly taken care of. At Jenny's Plumbing, we have plumbers at the ready to help seal off any damaged pipes and restore your property that may have been damaged. We even offer 24-hour repair services so that, day or night, you know that our plumbing company is just a phone call away.

Freezing Dangers for Fort Collins Owners

Temperatures in Fort Collins often drops below 32 degrees, which exposes you to the risk of your pipes freezing. Ice build-up in your pipes will cause them to expand and crack, leaving you in need of repairs to your broken pipes. Fortunately, we have plumbers at the ready 24 hours a day to help you in case of an emergency. A frozen pipe can quickly damage the rest of your property by spreading water that can soak your siding and subflooring, which is also at the risk of freezing and causing further damage.

Broken Pipe Repair in Fort Collins

Repairing a broken or leaking pipe is best left to the plumbing professionals at our company. Before repairs begin, your water must be shut off, and your system drained to prevent further spills. After that, the damaged section of the pipe has to be removed and ends prepared for attaching a replacement section. Depending on whether a copper or PVC pipe broke, the plumber will use different methods to mend it. PVC is repaired using a special glue, while copper requires a soldering method referred to as "sweating." Once the pipe is mended, our plumber will restore damaged or removed sections of drywall and leave your Fort Collins property as good as new.

Fort Collins's Premium Plumbing Company

When you have a leaking pipe needing repair, you need assistance quickly from a plumber you can rely on. Jenny's Plumbing is one of the leading plumbing repair companies in Fort Collins, and we are available around the clock for all your needs. Our team of plumbers are all licensed and certified for all manner of repairs and are qualified to help with any damage restoration that may be necessary. Don't leave your Fort Collins home or business in the hands of just anyone, call Jenny's Plumbing today.

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